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Audiens, as Data Controller, informs the users on its use of cookies. When a user visits our website, we send cookies that are stored by the browser on the user’s device. Cookies are small text files that are sent by our website; they are stored in the user’s terminal equipment to be then re-transmitted to the websites on the user’s subsequent visits to our website. The cookies sent by our website www.audiens.com are only technical cookies, and the user’s prior consent to these cookies is not required.

Technical cookies are cookies used   exclusively with a view to “carrying out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communications network, insofar as this is strictly necessary to the provider of an information society service that has been explicitly requested by the contracting party or user to provide the said service.” (see Section 122(1) of the Italian Data Protection Code). They are not used for further purposes and are usually installed directly by the data controller or the website manager.

They can be divided into three categories:

The user acknowledges that his prior consent is not required to install these cookies and that the subsequent collection of personal data is essential for the use of the website.



Name of the Cookies

Category of cookie (a, b, c)

 Profiling Cookies

PLEASE NOTE: this section of our information notice is meant to inform only the users who have been forwarded to this page through an hyperlink placed on a privacy information notice present in the website of one of our customer.

The purpose of profiling cookies that we may use is the following: the cookie that we install is used to track the web surfing of the user, in order to define the so-called “profile of interest” of the user, based on the searches
made and the pages visited. These information pages are associated to a unique identifier and are ranked with our proprietary technology; in this way they help us define the profile of such identifier.


These data are subsequently processed by a statistical engine and are used to send marketing and promotional information, and in general to send you specific materials of interest for you. The cookie we use is: visitor_id, that we use to keep track and store information like technical characteristics of the device used, time of browsing, URL browsed, actions like clicking on banners or other parts of the URL. We then process these data with statistical techniques.

When possible, technical data may be enriched with demographic information collected from third-party companies such as Mobile Network Operators.

Audiens may share aggregate, non-personal information with targeted publishers, display publishers, and networks in connection with reporting and accounting needs as well as with other unaffiliated third parties for various purposes such as statistical or educational analysis.

We may also work with other advertising service providers who help tailor ads on behalf of us and others. Some of those ads may be personalized, meaning that they are intended to be relevant to you based on information advertising providers collect about your visits to this site and elsewhere over time.

If you do not consent to our use of such cookie, please click on the “I DON’T ACCEPT” box. There will be no consequences in such case, but you must be aware that the browsing of the original website that linked you here may be partially impacted and some of its functions may not be available. If you accept the installation of the cookie by continuing the surfing of the website, the data collected through the cookies will be used with IT technology by the Data Controller, by the employees in charge of the maintenance and management of the website, and in general by all employees (including where applicable, employees of third parties, such as ourselves and other subcontractors) who are involved in the website’s operations and management. All such third parties have been duly appointed as Data processor. The list of our Data processor is available, by request, by sending an email to privacy@audiens.com.

Users may exercise their statutory rights provided for by section 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the Italian data protection law) such as, for example, the right to access their personal data and the right to require their correction, modification, integration and, in the cases provided for under the Law, their blocking or erasing.