Fully understand each customer

Overlay valuable industry insights

Audiens partners with leading data providers to add extra meaning to your customer understanding. Industry trade data, socio-demographic, financial, market research and more.
Understand your customers other potential areas of interest to improve campaign effectiveness. For example, knowing that a customer of a video streaming service that watches documentaries also loves football helps deliver engaging new content to recommend.

Understand social, political, and geophysical impacts

Your customers behaviour is directly affected by many social events, including:
– Local public holidays such as Christmas, Dewali, Ramadan and more.
– Weather conditions such as hot sunny days ideal for picnics, or wet blustery days in front of the fire.
– Adjust your strategy based on social or political events that may keep people at home.

Custom data layers

Precise customer understanding is a fine art and often involves facts and figures specific to your exact market requirements. Audiens is flexible and open, we make it quick and simple to connect with any third-party data source. If you have existing data partners, or a dataset in mind, speak with us about getting it added.
Audiens takes care of the third-party data onboarding, customer anonymization and segmentation and cross data-set identity resolution. We ensure full compliance with data policies and regulations.

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