Simply capture all your customer’s touch points


Makes data on-boarding fast, simple and precise

Audiens automatically integrates with leading industry solution to capture all your first-party sources. Don’t miss anything.

Add simple web tracking to your tag manager, use our native SDKs, choose plug and play integrations with widely used CRM solutions or activate event post-backs in your apps using the leading attribution and partner marketing platforms. Audiens makes it so simple you can capture every interaction in detail.


Auto capture web events with Audiens javascript

Start segmenting your website visitors into actionable audience groups by simply placing Javascript code on your website or tag manager, with no manual mapping required.

Audiens will do all the heavy lifting in the background and automatically detect events to generate relevant audience segments.

Simple web code
Lightweight JS code that can be deployed in minutes, with no complex programming required. Simply drop the JS code into your tag manager.


Easily transfer in-app events

Unlock the power of big data on small screens, with our easy-to-configure mobile SDK.
No manual mapping is required, Audiens will automatically capture mobile users activities across iOS and Android apps and turn them into actionable audience segments.

Transfer mobile events by whitelisting Audiens through your preferred in-app tracking system


Connect offline data from any CRM

With Audiens, you can seamlessly onboard data from all of your favourite CRM tools: Salesforce, Dynamics and more. If you are not using a CRM tool, you can also import data from external databases.
Thanks to our flexible S2S interface & CRM plugins onboarding offline data has never been easier.

Custom server-to-server integrations with leading CRM and Customer Engagement solutions.

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Import all your data sources


Enrich your data to unveil new opportunities


Deploy results-driven actions


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