This leading European retailer has built their brand on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Their customer-first approach has earned them consistently high levels of new customer growth and retention.

They turned to Audiens, to continue this acquiring new customers and uncover opportunities for additional sales within their existing customer base.

The challenge:

The retailer wanted to find new customers. Importantly, customers more likely to engage and spend. They needed to achieve this growth without increasing their current monthly marketing spend

The approach:

In collaboration with Audiens, the retailer analysed detailed customer interactions across their ecommerce store, website, and mobile app. First, they identified two audiences:

1: Active Customers, i.e. people that had purchased from them recently

2: Prospects, i.e. visitors, browsers, and searchers who have not made a purchase from them yet.

Secondly, customers were separated into VIPs – i.e. high spenders and frequent spenders. These VIPs were then used as the seed for lookalike audience creation in marketing channels like Facebook.

Lastly, the Active Customers audience was excluded from the lookalike audience, to ensure they were not wasting budget trying to win existing customers, and targeted marketing campaigns were run.

The results:

Key Stats:

+ 5x Conversion rate

Increase in spending customers

+ 30% ROAS

Improvement in return on advertising spend

Targeting lookalike audiences based on known VIP customers successfully delivered prospects with a significantly higher likelihood of spending than any of their previous campaigns.

This grew their Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) by over 30%. A direct result of improving the quality of traffic generated by their campaigns.

The brand saw their marketing conversion rates (CR) increase by over five times, from 0.2% to over 1.1% – significantly increasing sales.

Next steps:

Moving forward the retailer is further sub-dividing their VIPs to deliver even more focused and relevant communications. They are also interested in finding new prospects likely to buy specific home entertainment and consumer appliance products. In the pipeline is adding new data sources from their physical store point of sale (POS) system, customer loyalty programmes and aftercare platforms. This will deliver deeper behavioural insights and even greater customer engagement potential.

“Start with the people who already love you – your regular and loyal customers. Understand your existing VIP customers and find more that look the same. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way for retailers to grow quickly.”

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